Creator 2011 From Roxio

Inconsistent 3D Functions

Roxio has come out with their new software suite, known as Roxio Creator 2011, and I've got to say other software companies with photo editing suites have nothing to worry about. Sure, Roxio has added 3D functions to their software, which is fine since 3D is very much a part of things today, but there is a reason why most software companies with this type of software usually wait to add such features until the technology actually works consistently, which this doesn't.

With Roxio Creator 2011, the results are mixed. Sometimes the 3D function adds breathtaking depth to the picture, but most of the time it doesn't. Kind of like 3D functions in movies and television. The same thing with Roxio CinePlayer, which claims to convert 2D movies to 3D. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. CinePlayer is bundled with Creator, and is a nice feature even without the 3D function, although it also fails to create a proper feeling of depth in the video being used.

VideoWave Bundled With Creator 2011

VideoWave is the movie editor also bundled with Creator, and it's way too complicated for most amateur video makers, much less professional video editors, meaning that other software companies with video editing software don't have much to worry about. It also comes with a 2D to 3D converter, as well as a function designed to edit both 2D and 3D video and upload it to places like YouTube 3D.

Roxio Should Have Stuck With Standard Technology

If 3D was mainstream, this would be a very smart move on the part of Roxio, but 3D is in it's infancy-it's not even standard in most movie theaters, especially in the US. The 3D features are pretty much toys-interesting at first, but then after awhile they get boring. It's hard to understand why Roxio chose to concentrate on new flashy toys rather than standard technology that actually works. It's nice to have flashy toys, but do they work? That is the question the people at Roxio need to be asking themselves at this moment regarding Creator 2011.

A New Feature to Creator 2011 - Roxio Streamer

However, 3D functions aren't the only thing to this software. There is a new feature called Roxio Streamer, that adds a DNLA-compatible server to your PC tied to an online service that enables you to stream content from your PC onto the Internet and other DNLA compatible devices-and that is a very good feature to this software.

Video stabilization and rotation are other features added to Creator 2011 that are very useful tools for editors and average video makers. Also, you still get Roxio's excellent audio functions-the editor, drag and drop media converter, simple audio editor and beat-matcher, online video capture, and a revamped backup utility.

LightZone Omitted From This Version of Creator

The usually excellent photo editor, LightZone, has been omitted from Creator 2011 this time around, unfortunately. It's too bad that Roxio felt the need to concentrate solely on the 3D functions, and not on beefing up this software's 2D features instead. As was said before, if 3D was more mainstream, that move would have made sense. But there is a reason why most software companies wait on adding newer technology to their suites-because most of the time, that newer technology doesn't work consistently, making it really hard to justify it's inclusion in the software. That's the case with the 3D functions in Roxio Creator 2011.

If you're looking for a photo/video/audio editing suite that's fairly inexpensive, then by all means, try Roxio Creator 2011. But, if you're not, then be on the lookout for the new Nero Video Premium HD package which will be introduced very soon, including Blu-Ray playback and editing as a standard feature. Flashy tools are nice, but usually not necessary-a lesson Roxio is going to learn very soon.

 Screenshot from Roxio Creator 2011

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